Artist Interview|Mao Yuqiu (Part 1)


Mao Yuqiu is an observer and recorder of life, designing and reinventing childhood toys for adults, attempting to turn all that is subjective into objective. The core of her work is full of detachment, yet there is neither a label nor a barrier at the exhibition site, and the audience is invited to become part of this chess game, where the boundaries between the work and the audience gradually become blurred and then mingle.

The exhibition starts with an exploration of the “covert violence” hidden in modern society, reinterpreting the relationship and distance between “groups” and “individuals” in social settings from the perspective of “sociophobia”. Through the exhibited works, this subtle connection is magnified, while the scope of the relationship is contained within the four walls of the exhibition space.

On a mundane and ordinary afternoon with perfect sunshine, we had an open discussion with the artist Mao Yuqiu, which was titled as an interview but turned out to be a casual conversation. Following the artist’s intention and the gallery’s principle, the textual record preserved her speaking habits and tone, hoping that through this form, readers can catch a glimpse of the true inner world of Mao Yuqiu.

Participating as players in DM Mao Yuqiu’s five “games”, you will be rewarded with a delightful 10-minute “experience reward” (referring to reading time).

So, wishing everyone a fun “play”! 🙂

Interviewer: Why did you choose to be an artist, or do you consider yourself an artist?

Mao Yuqiu: I have never really considered myself an artist. I believe that art is something you do continuously. Without doing art, I feel like something is missing. I can also do other jobs, and I have tried things like selling goods at a stall, painting walls, and whatever part-time work I can do. But art is something that you have to do, regardless of whether you can make money from it or not…

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