LU Jiadong


Artist/Graphic Designer/Independent Illustrator, The manager of DOON studio.  Working and Living in Nanjing.

Lu Jiadong’s paintings seek to disassemble and combine inner emotions with real objects, resulting in highly contradictory and paradoxical works. Using provocative and wiry expressions, Lu conveys a strong artistic personality, which is playful, yet resistant to reality.

Artistically, he has produced a variety of works, including paintings, visual designs, image media, sculpture installations, and more.


Nanjing University of the Arts.

LU Jiadong, The little park, 2023

Paris   02/04/2023 – 18/06/2023

Solo Exhibition

2022, Crasher, X Space, Nanjing

2021, MalegeBe Happy, OKFiNE – DOON Studio, Nanjing

2019, Wuxiang Mountain, No. 26, Nantai Lane West, Nanjing

Group Exhibition

2022, Human window – Timed art scene, KINGMO, Nanjing

2021, Ink to India, Impression City, Chengdu

The Business Cooperation

2022, Yuan •Ling, Authorized Cooperation with Qeelin Chinese New Year Parade, Beijing

2021, MalegeBe Happy, Authorized Cooperation Exhibition & Sales with Blue+, Hangzhou/ Chengdu/ Xi’an

2019, Wuxiang Mountain, Authorized Cooperation with Vanke • MetroHub, Nanjing