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Tree Art Gallery is located in the 3rd district of Paris. It is a neighborhood full of art and culture. Strolling through the streets of Notre-Dame de Nazareth, art galleries are lined up with Parisian characteristics. In this area, one can see contemporary artworks of various styles and visualize the impact of multiculturalism on the country through artistic expression.

Tree Art Gallery was founded in 2022 in Paris, where the gallery’s founders took an in-depth course in art trading and communication, and through thorough practice and their love and passion for art and the industry, Tree Art Gallery was born.Tree Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting outstanding artists and project activities, and to promoting the development of contemporary culture and international exchange. The gallery’s goal is to grow with artists, to organize curated, high quality solo and group exhibitions for emerging and established artists, and to become a unique and important art platform in the future.Tree Art Gallery is adept at discovering and nurturing talented young artists and actively participates in the international dialogue, being active in the Chinese, French and international contemporary art scene.